The proposal for keeping containers secure during their journey from China to the United States was launched Wednesday in east China's Shanghai.

The cooperation will help the two governments to guard against terrorists hiding arms of mass-destruction in containers.

China firmly opposes all terrorist behaviors and will take measures to stop such behaviors, said Mou Xinsheng, director of the General Administration of Customs in a written speech to the celebration.

China and Us anti-terrorism cooperation has much potential, with the work in container security as a good example, said Mou.

In his written speech, Robert C. Bonner, director of the Us Bureau of Customs and Border Protection, said he appreciated the support of the Chinese government in this matter.

Bonner said the proposal is the only formal system to ensure secure container transport.

When the cooperation began, the Us will post custom officers atShanghai Port. When they offered the suspicion container and their reasons to the Chinese customs, both two sides will exchange viewson suspicious containers. If both sides are suspicious, the Chinese customs will make a check of the container.

Without law execution power, the Us officers should respect the sovereignty of China and obey laws and regulations of China. According to the reciprocal principal, the Chinese customs could also post officers in ports of the Us.

As an important part of the global anti-terrorism strategy of the Us, the container security proposal aims at checking high risk containers at the customs of the export country before arriving in the Us. Containers passing check could enjoy a rapid pass after arriving in the Us.

The proposal between China and the Us will take effect in Shanghai Port and south China's Shenzhen Port. The latter will be launched several months later.