Helid. Come si è chiuso il 2018

Helid, società di meccanica di precisione attiva dal 1995 e socia di CISCo, ha chiuso il bilancio di esercizio 2018 con un consolidamento dell’incremento di fatturato del 2017 (che ha raggiunto 1,2 milioni di euro con +10 per cento rispetto al 2016). Ha registrato anche un miglioramento della gestione finanziaria, con riduzione dei tempi di incasso delle fatture e minori oneri finanziari. Inoltre la società ha avuto un incremento degli immobilizzi materiali per sostituzione di una macchina utensile con una nuova più performante.


Programma per l’anno in corso

Per il 2019 si prevede un incremento di fatturato del 10 per cento per il comparto dei Twist Lock, mentre rimarrà stabile quello dei Chain Anchor e accessori. E’ in programma la promozione della fornitura di Twist Lock compatibili, attuata spingendo sullo sviluppo di nuovi contatti in diversi Paesi europei. Nell’anno in corso ci sarà un maggiore ricorso agli stampati rispetto all’utilizzo della barra di ferro. Questa scelta ha l’obiettivo di contenere i costi della materia prima e della lavorazione. La società investirà sulla qualità con l’assunzione di una persona atta a svolgere il controllo del processo produttivo e della tracciabilità.

Saranno sviluppati collaborazioni e contratti di partenariato con l’obiettivo di ricevere input tecnologici e organizzativi e di creare occasioni commerciali caratteristiche di un’impresa strutturata, pur rimanendo piccola impresa sotto il profilo della gestione della produzione. E’ in programma l’acquisizione dell’immobile limitrofo alla propria sede operativa in Gragnano Trebbiense per ampliamento magazzino e uffici.


Family Business – History Of 24 Years

Born at the end of 1995 Helid S.r.l. is a family business operating in the precision mechanical industry. It is an enterprise mainly run by women: the founder is Giovanna Quattrini who has involved other members of the family.

The operational headquarters, initially founded in Rottofreno (PC), was moved to Gragnano (PC) Loc. Casaliggio in 2006, following the purchase of a completely new industrial building, perfectly adapted to energy saving regulations, as well as to the anti-pollution regulations ASL. Subsequently the building was equipped with a photovoltaic system of 20 KW.

Subsenquenty activities: integration of machining operations with machining centers; first production specialization with Chain Anchors and blocks for forklifts lifting and then with Twist Locks (hooks for spreader suitable for lifting containers); commercial transactions to expand customers and geographical area;


24 years after the constitution of the company, we can say that we are rooted in few European market niches (turnover € 1.2 millions). Helid is working to equip itself with an efficient infrastructure. That allows the consolidation and improvement of the know how, computerize the archives, monitoring the production phases and ensuring an ever increasing quality. For the company, small for all the 24 years actitvity with an average of 7 employees (now 9), it is very important to use new technology (CAD CAM) and tracking system.

Highlights  and Targets

The value of our company is based on:

-commercial dynamism.

-collaboration with other companies for synergies and partnerships

-increase motivation in collaborators for sense of belonging

-innovation and technological and cultural development

-bonds with the territory species specially for “stage”


Giovanna: manager, commercial development

Franco (Giovanna ‘s husband): technical supervisor

Estella (daughter): management control, computerization procedures

Dory : Reception, accounting

Ady: responsible for production and quality

Francesco: workshop organization

Moreno: qualified worker

Diop: qualified worker

Gabriele: warehouse

Umberto: driver

Alex: machines operator apprentice


-holding active role in the world of lifting mechanics

-realizing technical experience, reliability, efficient solutions,

-ecosystem and creative vision;

-promoting networking among small and medium-sized enterprises;

-involving collaborators, customers and suppliers;

-protecting profitability in the framework of the global compact, respecting human rights, labor rules, environmental protection and the fight against corruption.


Twist Locks and accessories (bushings,levers, nuts etc.): equipment for crane spreaders and port trucks to lift containers. In particular, the Twist is a safety product manufactured with a material particularly resistant to traction and subjected to Ultrasound and Magnetoscopic control for cracks and / or bubbles both internal and superficial. For these reasons Helid uses forged and not normal iron bars.

The Twist Lock is the most worn component in the lifting operations and therefore must be replaced according to the recommended working hours, which Helid reports in the technical dossier prepared according to the CE directives.

Helid produces a wide range of complete units or single parts such as pin, bushing, nut, lever, etc., thus allows to adapt to the needs of customers operating in the maintenance of port machines, as well as to customers who sell spare parts all over the world.

Chain ​​anchors / Chain ​​blocks: components for fixing the lifting chain (fleyer and roller). They can be adjustable (with threaded stem) or fixed to be welded or bolted. The chain is used in various mechanisms and plants: telescopic arms of forklifts, cranes, conveyors, presses and machine tools, etc.

In addition to standard products, we manufacture spare parts compatible with the major brands and special equipment and components in the mechanical handling sector.

Technology used: machining centers, robots, CNC lathe, CNC sawing machines.

For several months we have been more and more involved in the twist sector, in particular companies that plan to optimize the use of port machines. They modify the machines, maintain and supply equipment, parts and spare parts to ports and interports in Italy and France.

Main customers

-Psa – Port of Genoa

-Manitou – Italy

-Dieci – Italy

-Port Cranes  – Italy

-Paceco Momentum – Spain

-Fb Chain – Uk

-Ph Diffusion – France

Helid guarantees

-competitive prices for quality products, certified, tested and matriculated for identification and traceability;

-special production carried out on orders even for medium / small series, adapting to the materials and heat and / or surface treatments requested by customers;

-use of printed materials for repetitive types of products;

-standard production of chain anchors , and pulleys, for the most used flyer chains;

-design of equipment and components for special material handling machines;

-availability of Twist Lock spare parts compatible with the most used lifting machines;

-prompt response to requests for offers, delivery times and shipping costs.